by Cory Allen

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'One' is a personal piece of music. I've practiced meditation consistently for over a decade and listen to music while doing so. Ever so often, I come across a piece of music that vibrates my mind and body in a special way, a way that 'tunes me in' just right for the practice. I'll typically get hooked on a certain piece and use it every time i meditate, and inevitably after a few months it falls out tune with me and I find something new. Sometime last year I was having a hard time finding a new piece of sound for meditation, so I decided to make one. The 33 minute piece 'One' is what I composed as a personal meditation track. I listened to it for months while practicing my meditation. Recently it occurred to me that this work could be useful to others for their meditation or relaxation practice, so I decided to release it as a digital edition.

About the composition of the piece:
There are specific tones / notes that resonate with my body in a deep way. I chose a handful of those notes, organized them into a structure and recorded a 7 minute section. Then, wanting to enhance the vibrational quality of the piece, I played it over various playback systems (large pa speaker, iphone, studio monitors, laptop) into various spaces (studio, enormous completely glass sunroom, out the window of my studio) and recorded the spaces with a variety of microphone types. I also broke the eraser head off a tape deck and bounced the recordings over the same piece of cassette tape many times, creating an over-saturated and aged tape texture. After this, I layered the different space recordings of the tones into each other to create the final piece. In the end, all the spaces became one.


released September 14, 2012

composed and mastered by cory allen. [2012]



all rights reserved


Cory Allen Austin, Texas

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